The Paddock

Welcome to The Paddock Australia!

Educating consumers and celebrating the amazing food and fibre our local Aussie farmers continue to produce.

This is your chance to dine in some of the most exclusive and picturesque locations whilst enjoying and learning about the produce you consume. Discover the process it goes through to end up on your plate, in your glass or in your wardrobe at home. 

Hear from the farmers, tour the paddock, take a photo in the crop, and enjoy an amazing meal of local produce sourced from surrounding farms. Cooked onsite, in the paddock, by our ever so popular chefs just for you.

Come and dine with us in the paddocks – where your steak was literally once raised, where the barley was grown for your next cold beer, in the vines that produced the grapes for your wine or the fields of cotton where the threads in your shirt were grown.

Partnering with a variety of producers and farmers throughout Australia, keep an eye out for a paddock near you.

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