The Paddock Australia Launch

Monday October 12, 2020

Ginnie Hope-Johnstone (VC Events Director)

MEDIA RELEASE – VC Events Co Australia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of The Paddock Australia.  A concept designed to educate consumers and celebrate the food and fibre our local Aussie farmers continue to produce.

Consider it as an opportunity to dine in some of the most exclusive locations whilst enjoying and learning about the produce you consume.

You will hear from the farmers, tour the paddock, take photos amongst the crop, and finish it off with an amazing meal of local produce from surrounding farms. Cooked onsite, in the paddock, by the chefs just for you.

We want to educate consumers about Food and Fibre – how and where it is grown, the process it goes through to become food on the supermarket shelf and clothes on our back.

At the same time, it is an opportunity to celebrate the products our Aussie farmers continually produce – their stories will be shared, from the challenges they have overcome to the little wins they’ve had along the way, all to produce the food you so commonly consume and will enjoy on the day.

‘The Paddock’ aims to increase consumer awareness around Australian agriculture, and what better way  to gain an insight than dining in the paddock where their food is literally grown.

More recently, it has become a common sight to see people unknowingly trespass to take photos of a crop.  The sight of the flowering canola or sunflowers in mass is so appealing to urban consumers with limited to no access to a paddock or crop of their own. It looks beautiful in such a large capacity, however the link is often unknown or forgotten that the seed from that flower is the one you consume in your muesli every day or the oil you cook with.

These products don’t just appear on the shelf and are often taken for granted; consumers forget to make the link that someone has actually grown it.

Through the creation of The Paddock, it brings together the urban and rural populations, where it can be enjoyed by all. The farmers will educate and possibly take some learnings away from the consumers.  And the consumers will learn, all whilst enjoying a delicious meal of local produce from surrounding areas supporting our farmers.

Offering up an opportunity that a lot of consumers don’t have access to on an everyday basis and sharing stories from the farmers in their paddock is an exciting concept. It adds a new arm to VC Events’ existing rural, regional, and remote event management business that operates throughout Australia.

The Paddock plans to share their table in a whole variety of paddocks across farms throughout Australia: where your steak was literally raised, where the barley was grown for your next cold beer, the vines that produced the grapes for your wine or the fields of cotton where the threads in your shirt were grown. There are endless opportunities.

Partnering with a variety of producers and farmers throughout Australia, keep an eye out for a farm near you, or request The Paddock to come to a farm near you or become a host farm.

For more details on The Paddock Australia and to get in touch go to

Launching 2021.

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